Leading the Way in Lithium System Technology

by revolutionizing the current battery technology to create a seamless user experience.

Battery Technology

Compared to lead acid, lithium creates a worry-free experience, letting you spend more time riding your cart and less time maintaining it.

Lasts Longer

Extend the lifetime of your battery by up to 40% when switching to lithium from lead acid. Built for quality, Reliance lithium battery will last up to 10 years

Less Wear and Tear

Due to the reduced weight of the Reliance XCell Lithium Battery, the vehicle experiences less wear and tear on critical engine components, compared to lead acid battery

Zero Maintenance

With Lithium, life is simplified as there’s no need to check for corroded or loose terminals, and to regularly water your lead acid batteries.

The Reliance XCell Lithium Battery was developed exclusively to create the ultimate golf cart ride experience. Through extensive testing and continuous development, we improved the golf cart lithium battery technology and functionality

  • Quick Charge – 6 and a half hours to full charge
  • Drive Longer – Range of up to 45 Miles
  • Hight Output BMS – Makes sure that the battery is performing optimally and efficiently

Streamlined System

State-of-Charge Meter Accuracy

Latest technology allows for accurate charge readings as well as built-in low battery warning sound.

Onboard Charger

Comes with a new receptacle to allow for a quick and easy install.

Reliance App

The Reliance XCell Lithium Battery App directly links to your battery. Developed with you in mind, it incorporates first class technology to give you a seamless battery experience. Available for both Android and iOS devices, the App comes equipped with multiple features.

105AH Battery Specs

Lithium Battery System Includes:


Featuring a beautiful Reliance blue, matte finish, and durable steel handles, the Reliance XCell Lithium Battery upgrades your golf cart’s performance with the latest lithium battery technology

Battery Tray Brackets

Exclusively-designed for each make and model to ensure a perfect and secure fit, and a clean, organized interior


Intelligent, high-frequency charger most efficiently charges your Lithium Battery. Quick-read LED indicator shows charge state and battery level at a glance.